Discover a living château

By plunging into the lives of Voltaire and the Marquise du Châtelet on the guided tour, you will visit the reception rooms, Emilie du Châtelet’s bedroom, the great dining room, the library, the kitchens and the little theatre.

Enjoy the vast park

Ensconced in a robe of greenery, the château will be an opportunity to stroll through a romantic park.

You will cross paths with several-hundred-year-old plane trees, Virginia tulip trees and bald cypresses lining the edge of the canal.


Voltaire’s little theatre: an exceptional site

When you climb the great staircase, hidden under the attic, you will find Voltaire’s theatre.


Today, three stage sets remain: “the rustic bedroom”, “the forest” and “the exotic garden”, all painted in trompe l'œil.


It is probably the oldest theatre, still visible today in France.